Making The Outdoors Feel Like Home

Columbus, OH


About Majestic Gardens LLC

Majestic Gardens LLC brings 30 years of experience in the landscape industry.

Because of this we have seen a lot of problems and have been able to fix those problems. Our designer has won state awards for his work, and is ready to assist you in your next endeavor.

Majestic Gardens LLC enjoys working the homeowner to take their wants and desires and turn them into a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space or landscape. We work within your budget to develop a design then install it in a professional and timely manner. Our knowledge of plants, construction materials, and lighting techniques enables us to meet and beat your expectations.

We can transform your backyard into an entertaining area or into a secluded retreat to relax in. Our designs also allow you to use them year round and well into the night. All our designs are low maintenance and blooming spring through frost. Let us design your entrance too.

We are here to serve you and make your project an enjoyable experience.

Majestic Gardens LLC Vision

Taking God's Creation and letting you see His artwork one canvas at a time.

Every plant and building material has color and texture unique to itself. We are able to blend those colors and textures to create a pleasing landscape that is both functional to it's users and appealing to your sense of smell and your sense of vision.

The landscape should be appealing both from the street and from inside the house, and we develop our landscapes accordingly.

The patio and back yard should be an extension to your living and entertaining space, by properly designing the patio and lighting a comfortable long lasting environment can be created.